How farmers can use Procurement

As a farmer, you already have so much on your mind. Your life is one of constant activity- getting prepared to feed the cattle, looking after the crops, or some other odd job that inevitably turns up around the farm. The last thing you want to do is waste time looking for the farming materials you need online, and waste money buying them at inflated prices. If you are finding yourself in this kind of position, outsourcing procurement is the perfect solution.

When you outsource your procurement to companies like ours, you’re putting your needs in our hands. This frees up time for you to keep doing what you’re good at, while we do what we’re good at and finding you products that are not only high quality and suited to your exact specifications, but affordable. But how do we do this?

At SourceApart, we have a database of global contacts that we can contact, communicate with and negotiate lower prices for when searching for the product you need. On top of that, we can lower prices even further if you’re not alone; by organizing a group of other farmers to make their purchases together as a group, you can increase your buying power through us substantially.

It’s no secret that buying in bulk is cheaper, but alone, there’s no real reason for a single farmer to do so- let alone be able to afford the bulk in the first place! But if you and some of your neighbours each needed a specific thing- for example, animal feed coming close to Winter, or hay tarps to keep your hay safe during winter and sell it at the right season- you could get much better deals by organizing a single purchase for the entire group through us. By buying in bulk and dividing the purchase between you and your neighbours, you can drastically reduce prices for your farm, and spend that saved money elsewhere on something else.


If you are interested in finding out more, contact us to discuss your needs.  Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you.  

We provide a hassle free service 

Our clients are busy people so we aim to provide a hassle free procurement service.  We get to know our clients, focusing on long term relationships, so that we understand their needs and deliver consistently for them.  We take a pro-active stance in helping them reach their business goals and objectives.  

The Sourceapart procurement journey

  • Our clients identify a need for a machine part or product.
  • We take note of the specifications, any special requests and requirements. 
  • We then search our global vendor database to analyse the best match for your product or part.
  • We source the part/product.
  • We negotiate the best price ensuring no loss of quality with the vendors.
  • We then supply the information to our clients allowing them to make an informed decision.
  • Our client decides on the relevant vendor.
  • The Sourceapart procurement team order the item.
  • We look after logistics and delivery to your door.

We save you time and money

Trying to source parts and products can be very time consuming, involving lots of internet research, phone calls and emails.  By letting us take care of your sourcing needs you can focus on running your business. We will investigate all the necessary information to determine the best price and terms for the required product. The length of this will depend on whether the company needs commodities (readily available products) or specialised materials.  


We not only save you money in terms of time but also in real terms.  By utilising our global vendor brand network, you gain access to increased purchasing power and reduced prices.  Savings depend on commodities, specialised materials and/or manufacturing pipelines. Please contact us to discuss your needs.  Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you.  

SME Procurement


Whatever your business size, we can help your small business save money and time.  Our small business customers get access to a huge network of vendors as well as increased purchasing power.   Call us today to discuss your needs.